Since 2005, Energy Tec has been a leader in structural steel fabrication services in Qatar, carving out a niche in the onshore, offshore, infrastructure, and marine sectors. Our focus on technology and effective design solutions enables us to create both sophisticated and straightforward products, tailored to the specific needs of a diverse clientele. This adaptability, combined with our commitment to exceptional service, sets us apart in a competitive market.

Over the past decade, we've significantly contributed to Qatar's industrial and infrastructure development. Energy Tec specializes in the design, fabrication, and installation of structural steel, piping works, and afloat ship maintenance services. Our expertise extends to various energy centers, chilled water piping networks, and shutdown activities in the oil and gas, petrochemical, power plant, and steel manufacturing sectors. Key projects include the construction of the New Doha International Airport, Sidra Medical & Research Centre, Internal Security Force Headquarters, Qatar Rail-Doha Metro, and FIFA stadiums. Our skilled and experienced team is dedicated to delivering high-quality products and services that cater to your unique needs.

Our success is built on a foundation of teamwork, product quality, and an unwavering commitment to client satisfaction. In a highly competitive industry, Energy Tec remains a trusted partner due to our ability to assemble the right people, equipment, and experience to tackle any project. As problem solvers, we don't shy away from challenges; instead, we embrace them with resourcefulness and a positive mindset.

At Energy Tec, we're driven to ensure our clients receive top-notch products and services, leading to profitable outcomes. Our innovative solutions and can-do attitude reflect our continued dedication to meeting and exceeding your expectations. By choosing Energy Tec as your partner, you are investing in a company that is deeply invested in your success and committed to staying at the cutting edge of technology and industry advancements.

Our hands-on approach and collaborative mindset allow us to develop strong working relationships with our clients in the oil and gas industry. This enables us to understand your specific challenges and requirements, ensuring that we deliver the most effective and customized solutions possible. We believe that by working closely with our clients, we can contribute to their growth and success.

In summary, Energy Tec is your ideal partner for Piping, Structural Steel Fabrication and related services in the Oil and Gas industry. With our extensive experience, skilled team, and unwavering dedication to customer satisfaction, we stand ready to help you achieve your project goals. Reach out to us today and discover how we can create a lasting, positive impact on your business.

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At ENERGY TEC it is our goal to go above and beyond our client’s expectations for quality, cost, and delivery through continuous improvement and stringent quality objectives.

Our services and staff are backed by industry certifications to ensure we provide our clients with the best quality and experience. The management and workforce of ENERGY TEC are committed to undertaking the work scope specified by the client in a manner which at all times conforms with contractual requirements.

To achieve the client’s objectives, it is the policy of ENERGY TEC to implement and maintain an effective Quality System that embraces all facets of its activities. This includes methodical inspections of the job at hand in addition to internal and external audits, ISO Environmental, HSE, and Quality Management certifications.

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