Energy Tec provides CNC cutting services in Qatar. CNC cutting machines are used to cut all kinds of materials like steel, wood, and aluminum. CNC machines use computer machines and software programs which automate machinery that contains both complex and advanced operations. CNC machinery is widely used in steel structures, shipbuilding, bridge building, boiler, chemical industry, metallurgy, and electric power industries. Energy Tec provides continuous training in CNC cutting services to the employees which guarantees that the output produced stands out. We use modern forms of machinery and technologies to improve product quality and maintenance. Our priority is customers' requirements and based on the customers' design our experts execute the project.

  • CNC Water Jet Cutting Services

  • CNC Plasma & Oxy-Fuel Cutting Services


Energy Tec provides water jet cutting services which are also known as hydro jet cutting. Ultra-High-Pressure Water works with 20,000 - 40,000 PSI. This tool can cut a wide variety of materials such as mild steel, stainless steel, concrete, marble, etc. using cutting and high pressure of water. Water Jet is a very precise cutting process. It has a narrow curve width, allows for fine contouring cuts, and produces high-tolerance parts. An important advantage of this is its ability to cut material without interfering with its underlying structure, as it has no heat-affected area. In water jet cutting, the workpieces are separated from each other using a high-pressure water jet. For this purpose, specially purified water or an abrasive is used.


Energy Tec provides Oxy-Fuel cutting services which are also known as oxy-fuel flame cutting. Oxy-Fuel cutting is a reliable, accurate, and competitive cutting technology used for cutting mild steel. After all, the whole fitting is about contour quality to minimize fitting and welding time. Only metals with lower melting point oxides than the base metal can be cut by the oxy-fuel cutting process. Otherwise, as soon as the metal is oxidized, it forms a protective crust and ceases to oxidize. Although weld preparations are involved, oxy-fuel cutting is the most cost-effective process for cutting soft and low-alloy steel. Oxy-fuel cutting is considered to be one of the most important manufacturing processes in the entire metal industry.