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Architectural Steel & Glazing Works in Qatar


Energy tec is a structural steel service company in Qatar. Energy tec provides the best architectural steel and glazing works in Qatar proven to be a strong, long-lasting material for many aspects of homes and buildings assets. We provide the best service in architectural steel and glazing work all over Qatar. we have well trained and qualified staffs to design the customers product as per the suitable requirement.


Architecturally exposed structural steel emphasizes a building’s structural integrity. Steel is fabricated in a nearly limitless range of shapes, tapered forms, curves, colors, and finishes, allowing for the striking visual impact of these iconic structures. There are many advantages for using steel in architecture includes the ability to bear loads and be produced in an infinite number of forms, as well as its resistance to fire and corrosion, quickly encouraged architectural adaptations, first as columns and arches and then in skeletal structures. Energy tec is the best architectural steel service company in Qatar offers both design and technical advice to architectures, contractors, etc.

The list below summarises some of the most significant advantages of using steel over other materials for various aspects of your next construction project. Read it to find out how steelwork can enhance the beauty and durability of your new structure.

  • It is Easy to Clean and Maintain
  • When you construct with steel, you are assisting yourself in the maintenance part. Steel does not absorb dirt and is not harmed by water. Furthermore, it is smudge-resistant, which is advantageous when considering using it to construct heavily touched items such as railings.

  • It is Germ-Free
  • Germs can be a problem because plastic and wood absorb everything that comes into contact with them. Steel, on the other hand, is not porous and thus far more resistant to germs than its plastic and wooden counterparts.

  • It is Customizable
  • Steel is not only a strong material, but it is also a flexible material in terms of design. Steel can be fabricated into many different styles based on the needs of the client, which may surprise those who are used to seeing steel only in a functional (rather than fashionable) capacity.

  • It is Affordable
  • Steel fabrication technology has advanced significantly, resulting in lower construction costs, even when custom designing your pieces. While other materials may be less expensive to choose initially for railings, staircases, and other building features, steel is the most cost-effective option overall.

  • It is Secure
  • Steel fences or gates are extremely difficult to breach, providing your building with a secure perimeter. Furthermore, due to the weather resistance of steel, your steel structure will remain standing even if a major storm passes through. Steel is the best material to use if you dont want to worry about the security or resilience of your fence or gate.

  • It is Aesthetically Appealing
  • Steel components have a sleek, modern appearance. Steel, which has a contemporary feel, combines beauty and strength to create a sophisticated look for your building or a home that is neither masculine nor feminine.

  • It is Environmentally Friendly
  • Steel is a recyclable material that is widely regarded as the most environmentally friendly of all building materials. Because it is also a long-lasting material, it will not need to be replaced as frequently as wood or plastic, making it an even more environmentally friendly option.


    Energy Tec is the best glasswork company in Qatar with more than 15+ years of experience and grown as Qatar leading glass design, fabrication, and installation company. we have the modern types of machinery and equipment required to form the best products you need with the highest quality, precision, and dependability. Our expertise of extremely skilled glass fabrication professionals system can create service quality and the industry in terms of the highest levels of alertness. Our designers are now generating a huge variety of specially made and architectural glass items all over Qatar. We are ready to handle all aspects of glasswork and are confident in our ability to present a solution that meets your requirements. The expert staff at Energy tec Glass consists of designers, craftsmen, engineers, technicians, and managers who are willing to be a part of their clients. They include the best standard and description to foreign and local companies while seeking employment in almost the same transparent manner as Energy tec Company. We already have most of the international machinery and extremely knowledgeable custom glass fabricators required to construct the exact product you require with high standard, precision, and dependability.

    Our technical experts are ready to handle all aspects of glasswork and are confident in our ability to present a solution that meets your requirements. The expert staff at Energy tec Glass consists of designers, craftsmen, engineers, technicians, and managers who are willing to be a part of their clients. Energy tec is the best glasswork and architectural steel fabrication service company in Qatar has over 15 years of combined construction experience. We have elaborate, user-friendly systems that enable the owner to stay up to date on all phases of construction from anywhere in the world.

    Blasting and Painting Services in Qatar

    EnergyTec provides blasting and painting services to various industrial customers in Qatar. Our primary objective is to give our customers the assurance that their machinery will be completed to the highest possible standards, thus extending the life of their equipment as well as saving them money on future repairs. This piece will outline the steps we take to get your machinery looking as good as new again. EnergyTec provides industrial customers with reliable workmanship. As a leader in industrial abrasive blasting, we ensure our customers receive top quality services that extend equipment life cycles. From painting to machining, EnergyTec is committed to ensuring project success every step of the way. No matter what type of maintenance your company needs, we are here to help you achieve your goals. We will be happy to provide more information about our business! We look forward to working with you soon!

    We are a team of professionals who have many years of experience in providing high quality services. Our goal is to provide our customers with world-class services at competitive prices. Some of our most commonly provided services include painting, rust prevention, wear protection, and blasting. We work with industries such as oil & gas, construction industry, infrastructure development and mechanical maintenance companies. Most of our works are done on turnkey basis where we take complete responsibility for its timely execution starting from purchase material till delivery to site. We also follow certain policies like safety and cleanliness strictly to ensure your utmost satisfaction. What makes us special: Our commitment towards completing all projects within time periods puts us a step ahead of others. When you choose EnergyTec, you can expect professionalism along with safety as well as prompt service that meets your requirements best of all time. We provide high quality painting services to industrial customers across Qatar. We offer a wide range of services including blasting, priming, painting, and marking as well as safety inspection. This involves having an inspector at our side throughout every step of your project. The inspector will keep records on equipment status, including any pre-existing damage or other issues that may arise during testing or installation. Our job is to make sure your equipment runs smoothly for years to come!