Steel Fabrication & Industrial Support Services Company in Qatar

Since its founding in 2005, Energy Tec has occupied a unique position in its field. Today the company takes pride in having specialized and reputed services required by clients in the Onshore, Offshore, Infrastructure, and Marine sectors. Energy Tec has been at the forefront of technology and the design of solutions that work, producing complex products that are cutting-edge and cost-effective as well as simpler designs for a wide range of clients. It is this ability to meet diverse needs, as well as an unwavering corporate philosophy of service, that sets the company apart from any competition.

With an efficient production system certified in ISO 9001:2015, the workshop facility is well-equipped with coveted machinery. The workshop is supported by a core workforce of 200 multi-disciplined personnel and we strive to offer a turnkey or cost-plus solution to the full range of services required by our clients.

Energy Tec has the people, equipment, experience, and determination to get the job done and get it done right. We are problem solvers, looking beyond the obvious to discover new and innovative solutions. Approaching challenges with ingenuity and a can-do attitude, we strive hard to make sure our customers receive world-class products and services with profitable results.

Our founders believe that quality comes first. Therefore, we have adopted a strict quality policy and the entire production process is supervised by qualified and experienced professionals. At Energy Tec, all our work undergoes multi-stage quality testing that continues from the storage of raw materials to the final delivery of products to customers. It is the policy of Energy Tec to implement and maintain an effective Health & Safety Management System in conjunction with the Quality System that embraces all facets of its activities.

Satisfied employees are the secret to the success of any organization. Therefore, we ensure that all of our employees receive industry-leading benefits and compensation. Energy Tec is an equal opportunity employer.

Our Policies