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Onshore & Offshore Marine Services

Marine Services Company in Qatar | Marine Equipment Suppliers in Qatar

Energy tec has coveted 30 plus years of experience in providing onshore/offshore marine services in Qatar.Energy Tec has always been focused on providing top-notch customer service, and our offshore and onshore services are no exception. Our experienced technicians can provide onshore and offshore marine services everything from site surveys to repair services for all marine equipment, so contact us today if you need assistance!We are one of the most reputed companies in the Qatar offering Life Saving, fire, safety equipment and marine services.It also has branches in the onshore / offshore, oil & gas industry.

Energy Tec is a Qatar-based marine services company that offers a range of onshore and offshore services for companies. Our goal is to build long-term relationships with our clients by providing industry leading products, exceptional service, and competitive pricing. If you’re looking for well qualified personnel for onshore and offshore services in Qatar reach out to us today!

Regulating marine projects is a key service offering at Energy Tec. We have great experience in establishing project teams to manage marine spread projects. We have a committed Engineering Services division and Major Projects Group that are distributed across the globe to deliver quality results on some of the most challenging marine projects.

Our technical team includes vast experienced marine engineers, mechanical, tank cleaners, and relevant plant and equipment. Energy tec marine services provide all the maintenance services of ships, oil tankers, and other offshore and onshore services. Moreover, marine transportation is also one of the most commonly available services.

Energy Tec maintains over 200 pieces of heavy machinery ranging from tugs, barges, offshore supply vessels, tug boats and more. All of our equipment is well maintained in order to keep clients safe as we provide onshore/offshore services. The following are some of our current equipment: Submersible Dredge; Tug Boats; Supply Vessels; Jack-up Rigs (Supply & Drilling); Barges/Crane Barges; Refloating Vessels; Service Supply Vessels; Crane Barges.

Energy tec services mainly follow on:

  • Ship maintenance work
  • Its an ongoing process performed by several well-qualified engineers. According to the client’s design, the ship maintenance work is carried out, and Energytec experts will discuss durability, finances, and other issues with the crew members. Proper maintenance for minor equipment or vast structures may help to last longer and provide a better result.

  • Welding and fabrication work
  • Its a permanent union between materials processed by heat or pressure. It includes horizontal type, vertical type, etc. In marine maintenance, welding works are done for watertight and oil tight joints, etc. The main purpose of welding works in marine maintenance is to produce a smooth hull surface so that it reduces the bare hull resistance and power requirements.

  • Sandblasting
  • As the metal products get gradually oxidized with oxygen, rain, and seawater the metal products get rust and corrosion. The ideal format of sandblasting is to clean such surfaces before painting. Sandblasting method is frequently used to eliminate any loose paint, coatings, or any minute particles from the surface and as result, a very smooth surface is formed. Sandblasting undertaken by three methods they are as follows: Abrasive (sand), Air compressor, Blaster nozzle.

  • Chipping and painting
  • After welding works, we need to clean with a wire brush and unwanted welding defects chipped by welding experts. And to remove the rust and corrosion painting is done. In marine maintenance chipping and painting is one of the major services. Energytec , well-experienced workers will modify the ship maintenance by chipping and painting method as per the client design and requirement. Marine painting or marine coating provides a protective coat to the submerged materials like ships, tankers, etc. from marine environment materials like saline water, or freshwater.

  • Hydro testing and Sludging removal
  • Testing of a cylinder, pipe, boilers with high pressure. We may customize the size of the equipment to meet the expectations of the consumer, from small tests to a whole plant. Mainly two methods for hydro testing, are Hydrostatic, Pneumatic. Treating waste sludge and removing sludge from the waste materials. The basic purpose of a sludge removal process is to remove sludge from any oil separation process.

  • Underwater welding and Diving
  • It is an important tool for underwater fabrication works, several offshore structures, rigs, pipeline, platform, and this method is performed. Underwater repair inspections are done by various diving experts and other well-experienced engineers.

    Other services by EnergyTec

  • Slope reception
  • Hull inspection
  • Hull painting
  • Storage tank fabrication and tanker cleaning
  • Tank inspection, tank survey
  • Load line survey inspection
  • Underwater survey/inspection
  • General maintenance repair
  • Stores, provision spares supplies
  • Energy Tech Company operates in different styles in the above areas. In most cases, as the main contractor, undertakes projects on a turn-key basis with overall responsibility for the execution of works. This may include design. It also acts as a subcontractor doing civil engineering work for the Marine project.